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        Putian Winson Shoes Co.,Ltd. Environmental Protection Management System



        Chapter 1 General

        Article 1 The environmental protection work of our factory adheres to the principles of prevention first, combination of prevention and control, and comprehensive management; adheres to the principles of pursuing cleaner production and implementing pollution control throughout the production process; implementing the principles of pollutant discharge compliance and total pollutant control; Environmental protection work as a necessary condition for advanced selection.

        Article 2 The main person in charge of environmental protection work shall implement unified supervision and management of environmental protection work, and the chief administrative officer shall be the first person responsible for environmental protection.

        Article 3 Equipped with environmental protection management personnel who are suitable for carrying out the work, and master the production process technology and production operation status.


        Chapter 2 Environmental Monitoring

        Article 4 The environmental monitoring work shall be carried out every year according to the "Environmental Monitoring Plan" issued by the company. In case of exceeding the standard during monitoring, the relevant departments shall be notified in time according to the requirements of the procedure documents, and the number of monitoring shall not be reduced or stopped without permission.

        Article 5 The monitoring report shall be filed by the environmental management department.

        Article 6 In addition to routine monitoring, the Production Office shall undertake emergency monitoring of sudden pollution accidents.

        Article 7 The noise and atmosphere monitoring shall be conducted by the foreign commission.

        Chapter III Daily Management of Environmental Protection

        Article 8 Incorporating environmental protection work into the entire process of daily production and operation activities, and achieving environmental protection management of the entire process, all weather, and all employees, while arranging, checking, summarizing, and evaluating, must have environmental protection work content.

        Article 9 After use, the glue bucket must be covered to prevent gas evaporation. Keep the workshop tidy and clean the ground in time every day.

        Article 10 Regularly check the operation status of exhaust gas treatment facilities to ensure the stable operation of exhaust gas treatment facilities. Regularly replace the UV lamp and activated carbon, waste UV lamp, waste activated carbon temporary storage and hazardous waste, entrust a qualified unit for disposal.

        Article 11 In the production process, where noise and vibration are generated during the start-stop and maintenance process, measures such as noise reduction, sound insulation and shock prevention shall be taken to discharge the noise up to the standard.

        Article 12 The barrels of waste raw materials produced in the production process shall be stored in the hazardous wastes in time, and shall not be placed at random.

        Article 13 The leftovers produced in the production process are packaged and stored in a general solid waste room in time, and sold regularly.


        Chapter IV Environmental Management of Construction Projects

        Article 14 new, reconstruction, expansion and technological transformation projects (hereinafter referred to as construction projects) must strictly implement the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, and strictly implement the "three Simultaneities" system.

        Article 15 Construction projects shall actively promote cleaner production and adopt cleaner production techniques.

        Article 16 Where the discharge of a construction project fails to meet the standard due to design reasons, the design unit shall be responsible for modifying the design free of charge in addition to the design responsibility until the discharge meets the standard, and shall bear the discharge fees and pollution caused by the discharge during the period. Indemnity, for the pollution of the production equipment due to the construction quality, the construction unit cannot operate normally, and the construction unit shall make rectifications within a free time limit until it meets the requirements. During this period, the environmental protection costs incurred shall be borne by the construction unit.


        Chapter V Management of Environmental Protection Facilities

        Article 17 The production office shall incorporate the management of environmental protection facilities into the unified management of equipment.

        Article 18 Environmental protection facilities need to be repaired or temporarily repaired, and an emergency treatment plan should be formulated for the pollutants they process or produce, and reported to the company's Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection for approval to ensure that the pollutants are effectively treated and discharged.


        Chapter VI Management of Environmental Pollution Accidents

        Article 19 Pollution accidents are caused by the operator’s violation of environmental laws and regulations, the impact of unexpected factors or irresistible natural disasters, etc., resulting in pollution of the environment, harm to human health, loss of social economy and people’s property, and adverse social impact The pollution incidents and accidents shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Environmental Protection Management Measures of the Licheng Ecological Environment Bureau.

        Article 20 The classification of pollution accidents shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national pollution accident classification.

        Article 21 When a pollution accident occurs, you must immediately take emergency measures to control the development of the pollution situation, and immediately report to the company's safety and environmental protection department to carry out accident investigation and other work (not more than 2 hours at the latest), within 12 hours Accident reports or briefings are reported to the company's safety and environmental protection department. The company's safety and environmental protection department is responsible in accordance with the relevant accident handling regulations, reporting to each level, and accepting the treatment.


        Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

        Article 22 If this system is inconsistent with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, the regulations of the higher level shall be followed.

        Article 23 This system is responsible for the interpretation of Putian Yongsheng Footwear Company Limited.

        Article 24 This system shall be implemented from the date of issuance.



        Putian Winson Shoes Co.,Ltd.

        October 2019




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